Bruce is the 'cool guy' (suuuuure) of Funhaus. He is mostly known as the most serious out of the group when it comes to handling the channel and is second-in-command towards Adam, oh yeah and also for his farts.

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Ladies and gentlemen, TV's Brouce Geen.


  •  He is, out of the entire group, the most established as he has appeared on the TV show 'Attack of the Show'.
  • His farts originated from him having taken antibiotics for a year because of a broken jaw, causing him to not be able to burp and only fart.
  • He loves Chipotle.
  • It is said that Bruce is the only one out of the Funhaus team to be a 'cool guy' or 'playa' in school.
  • He hates Turbid so much to the point tha he created a website called, which is worth 10 bucks.