"Nate, you're a douche" - Bruce (during the I-G era)

The folks at Funhaus, and Inside-Gaming previously, have had recurring and often humorous interactions with a number of prominent fans, often while playing GTA Online together. This page contains information on those people (well, Godwyn was a horse) who have left their mark over the years.

(Also check out "Friends of Inside-Gaming" on the I-G Wikia for information on certain fans from that era, like Nate. Speaking of Nate, if anybody has the recipe for his dad's sauce, email that shit to James; he'd appreciate it.)

Noteworthy/recurring fans who play (or played) online:

  • aroused-dentist
  • electrogypsy
  • katybacon
  • xXLordEagleXx
  • NowThatsASandra
  • Sphincterman
  • TheRealTurbidTG1
  • Twistedanthony

Stand-out members of the Funhaus subreddit:

  • AnimNate
  • LordEagle
  • keltbh

Important/recurring fans who played with I-G (again, see this):

  • Commander Jeto
  • Jazzy
  • Jessicore
  • Godwyn
  • S i z z l e
  • Yodathehobbit