Joel is the former boss of Funhaus and had control over what Funhaus produces. He is also responsible for all of Funhaus's weird descriptions in every single video they've uploaded.

He's also the different one. He provided neither on-screen personality nor editing team during his time at Funhaus, and he was terrible in just about every game they had him play. He is also the sexiest, most stylish, and most dashing out of all the Funhaus crew. He was born and grew up in Louisiana. Could probably take 3 dicks at a time if he tried hard enough, but the consequences would change the world forever.

In the middle of April, Joel left Funhaus and shortly after joined Sourcefed where he was fired from less than a year later

This musically talented goblin jew shall be missed.

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"I'm so hot", you're damn right you are Joel.


(*) According from Bruce, he has a really big penis.

(*) Known by his friends as Joel "Joel Rubin" Rubin.