Funhaus has a wide range of social media accounts all across the web. Below you can find links to most of their online homes outside of the YouTube channel .


At the moment Funhaus has two official groups for fans to join. The Steam Group  is home to numerous discussions about potential community gaming sessions. For those of you who prefer a more console friendly service, the Funhaus Crew will allow you to connect with fellow GTA players.


The Funhaus subreddit is the prefered means of communication amongst Funhaus fans - or hausmates as they've come to be known. The subreddit features anything from fan creations to videos released by the crew themselves - as long as the content relates to Funhaus, it's welcome in the subreddit. It's also home to possibly the most pleasing CSS on Reddit, courtesy of /u/Black_Nerd .


The Funhaus Twitch channel is the go to location for all of your Funhaus livestreaming needs. As of the time of piecing together this article, there was no set schedule for the Twitch stream. 

Other Social MediaEdit

Like any group with a large online presence, Funhaus also has accounts on various popular social media platforms. The Facebook  and Tumblr accounts are primarially used to share links to Funhaus content with users of that service. For those who prefer seeing little behind the scenes snippets of the crew, the Instagram and Vine accounts are right up your alley. If that's not enough to slake your thirst for content, Funhaus also has a Twitter account which is frequently updated. If you're more of a fan of texts, images and videos which are destroyed upon viewing, you can add funhausteam on Snapchat.