I like to have fun as much as you guys do, but in order to prevent this place falling into discord, I think it's fair to say that we need to have a few rules.


1) Respect Other Members

We're all here to help each other compile information to help everyone access Funhaus content with ease. Being disrespectful towards other members isn't the way to do this.

2) Keep it Funny but Factual

I really do love seeing people joke around and have a grand ol' time, but you need to be aware that some people here might be looking for information on Funhaus related topics. If you want to add jokes to your contributions, by all means do it, just please keep it relevant and informative.

3) Reference your Content

Again, people may be coming here looking for specific information. It'll help them a heap if you could throw in a link or two to the videos or posts you're mentioning in your article.

4) The Mods are Here to Help

If you have a problem with content on the wiki, or feel that we've made an incorrect decision regarding your participation in its creation, please message us. We don't bite.

5) Don't Shitpost

Goes without saying, kids - shitposting doesn't contribute to the conversation, therefore it has no place here.